Asset Tracking

    Key Features

  • Axelta pioneers in India with 5 yrs. experience in IoT
  • All Round Expertise - Sensors, Hardware, Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and More
  • Powerful IoT Gateways & Hardware
  • Axelta possess its own Full Stack IoT Platform
  • Asset tracking is these days is a most popular requirement. Axelta has fulfilled many requirements made by different clients in various domains.
  • Axelta provides such solutions which can be implemented and adopted easily.

Case Studies

Operations Management System

A large security services provider required an integrated view for all it's operations. They wanted to automate SLA management, incidence management, attendance and officers auditing system. Axelta's solution provided:

  • Client Locations/posts is identified using unique QR code using Android application.
  • Automatic Detection of Client Location is done via QR Code and geo location.
  • Attendance of all guards can be managed using Selfie or QR code with GPS.
  • Tracking the movement of Ops staff & guard from his location/site.
  • Validation of checklist/Inspection & incident capturing is done through mobile.
  • Ops staff client visit Scheduling can be done using mobile.
  • Client specific SLA / KPI monitoring and reporting.

Haj Pilgrim Tracking

Cost of having security guards at ATMs is quite high. Therefore a number of urban ATMs don’t have security guard. Getting an intelligent security mechanism at the ATM is need of the hour. The basic requirements for such a system are:

  • Viewing and creating pilgrim list,device,tour list
  • Real time dashboard with geo location of the pilgrims in the tour
  • View and search from pilgrim list as well as individual pilgrim details
  • Receive specific triggers and notifications – like battery levels, geo fence related triggers, etc.