Life Time Access to recorded videos and training contents

Training By Experts And Passionate Instructors

Both the trainers have significant experience in developing products and services. Both are extremely passionate about sharing knowledge and want IOT to become a word known as an alternative to entrepreneurship. Together we have trained more than 4000 professionals as individuals and in Corporates like Intel and Mindtree over the last year. We assure you that you will be IOT expert, if you do this course.

Hands-on Experience.

We, at Axelta, have built successful IoT devices for last 2 years. We have pumped in all that we have learnt into this training. We share in depth practical insights on what works and what does not work. This Training will give you at least a 4-5 months Jumpstart and launch you into the IOT knowledge Orbit. We have also prepared an in depth IOT Manual (more than 300 pages) and also all the tutorials and practical's that we believe will help you in making your own IOT idea come to life.


This is the world's first certified IoT course. We will be mailing you the certificate on completion of the course, signed by both of us and authorized by Axelta. This certificate will be useful to get a position in any company looking to get into IOT. We are available as reference check for you for any IOT related opening worldwide.


Yes this is an online bootcamp? We have trained 2000+ people online worldwide using the below methodology with 100% success rate.

  1. We will be delivering the training using latest GOTO Meeting or Google hangout screen share and VOIP.
  2. All session will be very interactive with participants either typing in their questions or simply asking them directly over VOIP throughout sessions.
  3. We will be shipping you the entire deck used for theory sessions(100% of the slides) in the form of a well-organized session wise manual.
  4. We will ship you the required hardware kit (In case of 5 day training). We will ensure that you get the kit before the session dates. Entire Kit Cost including Shipping/handling included in training cost.
  5. Axelta expert will set up a 20 min online meeting with you to help you set up the hardware after you have received the Kit. This will be done prior to hands on session start date.
  6. We will be sending you the softcopy of the practical manuals and sample code etc. which will help you complete the practical.
  7. Manuals have been built in a very user friendly manner using lots of images and video etc. to help complete the practical easily and with clarity.
  8. Axelta experts (including co-founders Manish and Pyush) will be present during the entire practical sessions to guide and help you understand and complete the practical.
  9. Axelta experts will showcase the practical’s through screen share and demo all aspects for clear understanding.

Yes. You get Life Time access to the recorded training videos and content.

You can use these recorded videos to cover up for your missed session(s) or to revise your training lessons in future.

Entire training including Hands On Sessions are done by Co-Founders of Axelta systems. Each is having 20+ years of experience in product development, technology and architecting solutions. Click here to see Trainer profiles.

You can Enroll directly from our website link in the training details table.

There are multiple secured options depending on where you are located.

1. Direct Account Transfer (For India Trainees)
Axelta Systems Pvt Ltd
A/c no - 000805014884
Khairatabad Branch, Hyderabad [IFSC Code - ICIC0000008]

2. Paypal (For outside India Trainees)
Directly from our website link next to the training details.

3. Using Visa, MasterCard, net Banking (For India Trainees)
Directly from our website using EnRoll button next to the training calendar (we use ultra secure Insta Mojo payment gateway for 100% security of your card/Bank details)

Yes. We will be mailing you the certificate on completion of the course, signed by both of us and authorized by Axelta. This certificate will be useful to get a position in any company looking to get into IoT. We are available as reference check for you for any IoT related opening worldwide.

There are no specific pre-req. Axelta has built the deck and tutorials/Practicals in a simple and easy way so that anyone can learn from them. During the training our experts will help you understand all aspects. Lots of Finance, HR senior executives have attended our sessions with amazing results.

Axelta systems has partnered with leading staffing and recruitment company PEOPLE ALLIANCE for enabling the IoT Training participants to find suitable opportunities within the IoT space. After the IoT Training, Axelta Systems will connect you with the PEOPLE ALLIANCE team, and then help you with the opportunities.

Internet of Things is applicable to all verticals and specializations. That's the beauty and attraction of IoT. Some of the people who can make most from the program are.

  • IT professionals, Electronics engineers, solution architects, designers who are looking to expand their horizons by getting hands-on exposure to latest IoT technologies.
  • Existing or Budding entrepreneurs who want to bring their IoT ideas to reality. They will also get support from Axelta experts to experiment and build their solutions.
  • Industry professionals working in pharmaceutical, real estate, sales, finance, designing, manufacturing, electrical, retail, healthcare etc.
  • Students who are looking to build a good career

You will be automatically added to the Axelta Alumni google group (Axelta-iot-bootcamps) after completion of the course. It's a very active group and we at Axelta make sure that we answer all your queries/questions. Even other Alumni's who are experienced IT resources answer queries/questions. We will also share our direct contact information for any queries which we will definitely answer.

Hardware Kit Description
S.NoKitComponents / Specs
1 Development Board Arduino Uno R3 , LCD Shield, LCD and USB cable.
2 Axelta Custom Sensors Board PIR, Reed, Temp, Humidity, Power and Light
3 Communication Board
  • GPRS / GSM - SIM800
  • WiFi Module - ESP8266 (ESP-01)
4 Tutorials and OSMOSIS platform access
  • End to End Training manual with all slides.
  • Detailed tutorials and solutions for device programming.
  • Arduino Spec sheet.
  • OSMOSIS platform access to connect the device
  • User Guide for OSMOSIS platform
  • Email support for any queries/issues with the tutorials
Program the device and then connect it to cloud based OSMOSIS platform and test.
5 Shipping and Handling We will ship the hardware to you and We will send you the soft-copy of the above material once you enroll for the hands-on session.


Quensetta Adams
Learning Management System (LMS) Curriculum Administration, Project Management, Indianapolis, Indiana Area
LinkedIn Profile

Review: I did my due diligence and comparisons before signing up for the class. I am extremely pleased with the depth and breadth of the content covered. The information is clearly documented. I especially appreciated learning how to connect with other leaders in this industry. I will continued to benefit as I pursue those contacts. I highly recommend the full training including the hands-on training for those who are technical and/or entrepreneurial.
During the hands-on, you will gain valuable insights into the power of the technology. The class satisfied all of my learning IoT objectives. I am ready for the next - steps.

Pablo Cazares
Senior .Net Developer at Virgo Publishings, Phoenix, Arizona Area
LinkedIn Profile

Review: Yes it was a great boot camp! Thank you. Actually, I have a much better understanding now as to how to approach my solution.
I look forward to your next upcoming classes.

Ashish Disawal
Sr Team Lead, Systems, Mumbai Area, India
LinkedIn Profile

Review: One of the BEST organized, managed and conducted training that I have attended so far. Covers all aspects of IoT. The practical sessions were beautifully conducted. Thanks to Manish, Pyush and team. Great work guys.

Ram Guduputi
IT Security Specialist,Architecture and Engineering Advisory in IT CyberSecurity at the IRS, Kansas City USA
LinkedIn Profile

Review: This is the best bootcamp/training on a technology such as IoT (Internet Of Things) which is still at infancy stage and not well understand stood. Both Manish & Pyush did excellent job in covering all key aspects of IoT , use cases and constraints. Manish & Pyush really understand IoT technologies and how it would transform the society. Glad I took this course. It is definitely worth my time.

Puneet Wadhawan
Staff Engineer/Manager at Qualcomm, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
LinkedIn Profile

Review: I did the hands on sessions and really felt that I can now create the IoT device that I wanted to create. I used the OSMOSIS platform also and felt that it will cater to my requirements. Thanks to Axelta for this opportunity.

Vikky Suji
Sr Project Manager at Halliburton, Houston, Texas, USA.
LinkedIn Profile

Review: This was an excellent training on IoT. Initially I was very hesitant to do this training as I was unsure of how it will be delivered and what will be the outcome. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The communication was very clear and concise. All our questions were answered clearly. Lots of practical experience was shared. It was a very interactive session and I am glad I did it.

Manager, Advisory at EY, Greater Chicago Area
LinkedIn Profile

Review: It was an extraordinary session. Axelta is a top IoT Company. Their experience in IoT device development and practical knowledge clearly showed through in the training. I wish them best of Luck.

Abhinav Agarwal
Business Intelligence Consultant @ Ysance, Paris Area, France
LinkedIn Profile

Review: I gained lots f knowledge in the 3 days Jampacked session. I am already working in IoT for my company, but the insights shared by Pyush and Manish will help me develop as an IoT professional. I want to work as a partner for Axelta in France for this training.

Managing Director, PebbleRoad Pte Ltd, Singapore
LinkedIn Profile

Review: I loved the concept and the training. The communication was very clear. The training started dot on time and it was very well managed. Pyush and Manish made some extra time available for me after the session to discuss about an IoT business problem I am working on and gave valuable inputs.

Shabbir Ahmed
Partner Enterprise Architect, Thane, Maharashtra, India
LinkedIn Profile

Review: Excellent training. Loved the inputs received and the kind of interactions and practical knowledge I got. I do think that 3 days is not enough fr such a vast topic and would definitey ask for more such programs from Axelta.

Antonio Challita
Product Management | Technical Marketing | Mobile Security | IoT Security San Diego, California Telecommunications
LinkedIn Profile

Review:The IoT Training by Axelta is loaded with excellent information. It covers the major components involved in building an IoT system end-to-end. And offers hands-on sessions for building a comprehensive IoT demo. It was worth waking up at 5 am for 5 straight days to attend this training.

Amit S

Review:"I really like to thank Pyush and Manish for this training . It has definitely given me a true push in world of IoT and would be really helpful in the days ahead.I would be eagerly waiting for other types of training to be launched soon.Thanks,Amit S"

Michael Forde

Review:Professional delivery, and excellent coverage (theory plus practical insight) to the IoT subject domain. Good value for money.

G Prasanna

Review:"Axelta has helped me to create IoT app from Concept -to -Creation. I am very happy to say that i am confidant in creating IoT Application with Little guidance. I recommend to all who wants to get in to Journey of IoT. Thanks to Axelta team for Spearheading Innovative IoT Training."

Rakesh Sharma

Review:"Excellent course content and presentation by Pyush and Manish. Now I have clear understanding about end-to-end IoT implementation and easily able to visualise various use-cases.I strongly recommend this training session to anyone who is looking for end-to-end IoT understanding."

Joydeep Chatterjee

Review:The most important feature of this training is that this will provide you with an impetus to dive into the exciting world of IoT. No training will ever be sufficient to make you an expert in this vast field but without this training you will always be wondering from the sidelines.


Review:One of the most well organized trainings I have attended so far.

Moctar Datt
LinkedIn Profile

Review:Very thorough training, that provides a great view of the opportunities available in the IoT space. Axelta is the only company that gives such an in-depth and comprehensive overview of the entire process involved in deploying IoT solutions.

Akshay Sharma
LinkedIn Profile

Review:Awesome training content and u people have done deep analysis on IoT stuff which is gr8. Keep doing good work and stay in touch.

Avinash Magdum
General Manager - Quality Harbinger Systems Pvt Ltd.,

Review:Overall it was very good training and would like to work with Axelta for doing my PhD research. Also would seek Axelta's guidance to build some IoT applications.

Ravi Saariya

Review:As described earlier on your website that the bootcamp will give 3 month kick off to IoT aspirants, so it does.

Sai Kolla

Review:Excellent tranining and great service from the time of registration to end of the training. Manish, Piyush and their staff focus on providing an amazing learning experience. Both the trainers have strong hold of business and technical aspects of current IoT which are rare and they did an awesome job. Very accommodating to my schedule issues. If you are thinking of IoT bootcamp get with Alexta, its worth the time and cost.

keith phillips

Review:"Dear Reader,I was away from the web for a six years hiatus . I have no formal training in any technical field. I became familiar with IoT as a result of a voracious reading appetite - a year or so ago, which spurred my curiosity. As a result, after much research,I found Axelta. The 3 day theory/concepts allowed me to get my my head around the IoT ecosystem and it's components (the what,how, where and why) and where I want to be. The 2 day practical was for me equivalent to being thrown to the deep end to sink or swim, they never let me drown, super intense and fast paced. Many many competencies were on display to be absorbed and mimicked as best practices. It was here also, where the magic of how to ""enchant"" things took place, very awesome. The take away for me: I know the areas I need to work on and how they relate to my overall IoT success. The Axelta collective is no less than the best IoT immersive learning environment I have found to date - every engineer knew their craft. The most return on $600 US I will ever see in this lifetime, I am confident of it. Good luck,I hope this has provided clarity to add your IoT pursuit."


Review:"The way this course walks the full path from working with sensors till analysis on cloud is commendable. Very defined, very organized. Two points that came out to me as the two most important merits of this course are -1 - It gave me a full visibility of the overall IoT ecosystem 2 - It demystified q lot of things in a way that I started feeling the FUN. Brilliant course."

Deepak Kalkoti
Senior Manager-Services Sales(Network & Technology Consulting)
LinkedIn Profile

Review:"The training cleared all the dust which I had on IoT. It was quite interactive and the sessions were excellent. Deepak kalkoti( Senior Manager-Services- Ericsson)"