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6-Day IoT Analytics Training

End to End IoT Technology and Analytics
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  • Introduction to IoT
    • Context setting
    • What is IoT - In-depth explanation
    • IoT Applications in different domains and vertical
    • How large is the IoT Market in different domains?
    • Define Business problem/Use Case. Explain approach of solving it.
  • Introduction to IoT Architecture and Technologies
    • Architecture
    • Tech Stack
    • Hardware and Software Platforms.
    • Communication Protocols
    • Cloud and IoT
    • Analytics & Visualization and IoT
    • IoT Security
  • Demo - Best Cold Chain - Business case -More claims being filed by clients - IoT Enabling to resolve problem
    • Hardware pieces
    • Client, Device, Rule, Alarm, Device Data, Event
    • Sensor data being sent to Cloud platform
    • Actuation through BLE
    • Visualization through real time dashboard
  • IoT Platforms and Overview of Osmosis Platform Analytics and IOT
    • Analytics is not new but why the hype?
    • Cover basics of an analytics project, framing requirements and methodology to deliver Technologies/tools in the analytics world
    • Sensor data being sent to Cloud platform
    • Discuss a business requirement that drives an IOT/analytics requirement
  • Introduction to Car Telematics (Use case)
    • Preview - Extract Real Time data from Osmosis using R for processing
  • Data Exploration using R
    • Data Operations - Data Types in R
    • Operations - Numeric, String, Factor, Logical and Date
    • Vectors, Data Frames
    • File Operations - Read and Write to a CSV/Excel File
    • Connect to a Big Data Source and extract data
    • Exploration -Data exploration, clean-up and transformation with R
    • Data Description -Describe and summarize data using functions R
    • Installing R packages
      • Mean, Median, Mode, Outliers, Data Distribution in R
  • Data Visualization Overview
    • How visualization helps in telling a story?
    • Data Visualization using R
    • Introduction to advanced plots
    • Bubble chart for insights using size, type, shape and colour
    • Use Geomaps for plotting payer catchment area on a geographical map
    • Use raster for plotting fraudulent claims by categories
    • Create a Word Cloud on prescriptions
  • Introduction to Azure ML platform
    • Data Connectivity, Exploration and Visualization using Azure ML Platform
  • Classification using Decision Tree Algorithm in R
    • Introduction to classification techniques
    • Introduction to Decision Tree
    • Interpreting model outputs - accuracy, sensitivity and specificity
    • Prediction using Decision Tree Model
    • Model comparisons and improvements
    • Avoiding model over fitting through training and testing datasets
  • Classification - Sentiment Analysis
    • Sentiment Analysis using R (Connection to Twitter and Extract Real Time Sentiments)
  • Classification in Azure ML - Preview
  • Regression using R
    • Introduction to single and multivariate Linear Regression using Excel and R
    • Residuals plot to identify goodness of fit of model
    • Handle Categorical variables in linear equations using dummy variable
    • Prediction using Linear Model
    • Identify critical contribution factors for fraudulent claims using Linear Regression
  • Clustering using R
    • Introduction to K-Means Clustering
    • Introduction to Hierarchical Clustering
  • AutoCar Insurance Telematics - Time Series Analysis using R (1.5 Hours)
  • IOT in Health Insurance (1 hour)
  • Introduction to healthcare industry - Understand the value chain of a healthcare industry including the key players - Payers, Providers, Producers, Insurers and Distributors - Analytics Demo
  • Q&A - Summary - 1 hour


Yes this is an online bootcamp? We have trained 2000+ people online worldwide using the below methodology with 100% success rate.

  1. We will be delivering the training using latest GOTO Meeting or Google hangout screen share and VOIP.
  2. All session will be very interactive with participants either typing in their questions or simply asking them directly over VOIP throughout sessions.
  3. We will be sending you the softcopy of the practical manuals and sample code etc. which will help you complete the practical.
  4. Manuals have been built in a very user friendly manner using lots of images and video etc. to help complete the practical easily and with clarity.
  5. Axelta experts will be present during the entire practical sessions to guide and help you understand and complete the practical.
  6. Axelta experts will showcase the practical through screen share and demo all aspects for clear understanding.

Entire training including Hands On Sessions are done by Industry experts with close to 20 years of experience in their respective field.

Training cost and payment options will be given in the proposal.

There are no specific prerequisites. Axelta has built the deck and tutorials/Practicals in a simple and easy way so that anyone can learn from them. During the training our experts will help you understand all aspects. Lots of Finance, HR senior executives has attended our sessions with amazing results.

IoT Analytics is applicable to all verticals and specializations. That is the beauty and attraction of this training. Some of the people who can make most from the program are,

  1. IT professionals, Electronics engineers, solution architects, designers who are looking to expand their horizons by getting hands-on exposure to latest IOT technologies.
  2. Existing or Budding entrepreneurs who want to bring their IOT ideas to reality. They will also get support from Axelta experts to experiment and build their solutions.
  3. Industry professionals working in pharmaceutical, real estate, sales, finance, designing, manufacturing, electrical, retail, health-care etc.

Yes. We will be mailing you the certificate on completion of the course, signed by both of us and authorized by Axelta. This certificate will be useful to get a position in any company looking to get into IOT. We are available as reference check for you for any IOT related opening worldwide.

You will be automatically added to the Axelta Alumni google group (Axelta-iot-bootcamps) after completion of the course. It's a very active group and we at Axelta make sure that we answer all your queries/questions. Even other Alumni's who are experienced IT resources answer queries/questions. We will also share our direct contact information for any queries which we will definitely answer.

IoT Analytics will open up a big employment opportunity in the IoT industry (All Indian IT companies have opened IoT competencies + 50+ startups in IoT). We are training corporates like Intel, Mindtree on IoT and its clear to us that they will prefer to hire an IoT trained professional. Currently, data scientists are a strongly growing job profile in consumer and e-commerce companies. Now they are also entering the world of IoT jobs.

Yes. You get Life Time access to the recorded training videos and content.

You can use these recorded videos to cover up for your missed session(s) or to revise your training lessons in future.

You can Enroll directly from our website link in the training details table.

You will be automatically added to the Axelta Alumni google group (Axelta-iot-bootcamps) after completion of the course. It's a very active group and we at Axelta make sure that we answer all your queries/questions. Even other Alumni's who are experienced IT resources answer queries/questions. We will also share our direct contact information for any queries which we will definitely answer.



Review:IoT Analytics is the best course I have taken so far and better than other online classes I've been to. I learnt more and was very happy and satisfied.
Instructors are very experienced and knowledgeable about the subject being taught. Any questions asked were always answered clearly. I'm sure I would have never learnt this much anywhere else


Review:I highly endorse Axelta Systems for IoT Analytics as the best online education learning. It has a tremendous positive impact on my professional career. It's an amazing program that offers unlimited potential for current and future growth.
I am honoured to be anIoT Analytics Professional from such a great platform "Axelta Systems private limited".


Review:Excellent training! Axelta with great trainers is the best platform to start in the IoT Analytics World! I truly loved every minute of this course, as it’s very interactive and useful training.


Review:The training has given the clear idea of IoT Analytics in detail, which was very easy to understand and implement. The session was more than expectations.
I would really prefer to go for all the courses with Axelta.
Thank you for the online professional environment.

Vivek Sharma

The material distributed were pertinent and useful, as the content was organized and easy to follow. I have learnt a lot through this online session of IoT Analytics.
The trainers were very knowledgeable, they resolve the raised queries immediately.
I would like to stay in touch with Axelta for future posts.

Training Approach and Methodology

  • Entire training program designed by expert faculty with real world expertise.
  • Live, Online, Instructor-Led and fully interactive sessions
  • Get atleast 3 months jump start in IoT- Analytics
  • Drive Business Decisions using IoT Analytics Tools
  • Case studies for Traditional Health Life Insurance
  • Get certified by us after course completion
  • 24x7 Online/email based help provided
  • Online Forum to get your doubts solved by expert faculty

Who Should Attend ?

  • Engineering and IT students
  • B.Com, M.Com, MBA or BBA graduates
  • Economics graduates
  • Professionals looking to upgrade to business analytics domain
  • Aspirant in research, marketing, IT, Big Data & more