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1  MQTT Webinar

Analysts forecast that up to 50 billion devices could be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020. This presents a challenge for engineers developing the underlying technology to integrate these devices seamlessly into the IoT. The majority of devices are likely to be relatively small and simple, i.e. sensors and/or actuators built into larger systems such as machines or factories. However the IoT is configured, there will be lots of microcontroller-enabled devices spread over large areas connected to cloud-based data hubs. To achieve this, engineers need a connection protocol that's small, simple, robust, and secure.

A prime candidate to meet this challenge is MQTT, or Message Queue Telemetry Transport. MQTT is a simple protocol that lets an embedded device publish/receive messages in the cloud. It has minimal packet overhead compared to protocols like HTTP and is therefore very efficient, lending itself to low-power environments. Learn Much more about MQTT in the Webinar

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