Axelta - System Integrator Program:

Axelta has built a number of solutions that have a wide range of applications. We also have a very strong rapid development and deployment hardware and software that can be used for solving multiple business problems. As a SI for Axelta, we can help you rapidly build new solutions in multiple business domains and go to market much faster. You can also represent Axelta for our ready to deploy solutions in specific geographic locations.

Our Partners:

Hexa Instruments
Bell Securitech

Prerequisites to become an SI with Axelta:

  1. Have an established legal entity
  2. Have qualified staff that can be trained for sales, customization and installation activities
  3. Be ready to invest in hardware equipments for demo devices and for new development
  4. Have good access to the target markets

How does the partnership work:

  1. Axelta will provide the necessary information and knowledge transfer on "Osmosis IoT Ecosystem"
  2. Axelta will also provide information on the solutions that are already in place and can be directly taken to customer
  3. SI / Partner has to share specific opportunities or use cases that they have
  4. Based on feasibility analysis a plan will be made to approach the use case
    • This will include high level solution architecture
    • Formal proposal for the customer
    • Axelta will provide pre sales and sales support
  5. Once we get a sign off from customer for PoC, Pilot or actual deployment, Axelta will work with SI to implement the solution. Any costs for the solution development will have to be borne by the SI or the customer.
  6. The SI with support from Axelta will implement the solution at customer site and provide continued support
  7. Revenues from the solution will be shared based on mutual agreement

Click here to Apply

How to apply:

  1. Fill the attached form with basic information
  2. Axelta will revert with 3 working days on receipt of your application
  3. Next steps will be shared once your application has been shortlisted
  4. For any queries, reach us at