Many communication technologies are well known such as WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and 2G/3G/4G cellular, but there are also several new emerging technologies such as Thread, LoRA, LPWAN, 6LoWPAN as an alternative for home automation applications, and Whitespace TV technologies being implemented in major cities for wider area IoT-based use cases. Depending on the application, factors such as range, data requirements, security and power demands and battery life will dictate the choice of one or some form of combination of technologies. These are some of the major communication technologies that will be covering in this training..


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3-Day IoT and Communication Protocols Online Training

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Curriculum 12 hours Theory and Practicals

  • Introduction - IoT
  • Introduction to IoT Protocols
  • ZigBee & Z-Wave
  • Bluetooth & BLE
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular
  • Comparing different RF Technologies
    • LPWAN Concepts and Features
    • LoRa and LoRAWAN Introduction, Features and Application areas
    • LoRa Protocol stack and LoRAWAN Network architecture
    • Device Clasess, Scalability and Global coverage
    • LoRa Security
    • Chip manufacturer for LoRa SoC
  • SigFoX
  • Weightless - Neul
  • Other LPWAN - 3GPP Technologies (Cellular Licensed)
  • Comparing different LPWAN Technologies
  • Overview of LoWPAN
  • Google Thread
  • Wi -SUN
  • 6LoWPAN
  • RESTful HTTP
    • Rest Architecture
    • HTTP Request Methods
  • CoAP
    • CoAP Architecture
    • CoAP Features
    • Coap Applications
    • H/W practical
  • MQTT
    • MQTT Architecture
    • MQTT Features
    • MQTT Packet structure and advance topics
    • H/W practical
  • Other IoT Protocols
  • Comparing different IoT Application Layer Protocols
  • Market adoption of protocols and Hardware availability


  • We will be delivering the training using latest GOTO Meeting or Google hangout screen share and VOIP.
  • All session will be very interactive with participants either typing in their questions or simply asking them directly over VOIP throughout sessions.
  • We will be shipping you the entire deck used for theory sessions (100% of the slides) in the form of a well-organized session wise manual.
  • We will ship you the required hardware kit. We will ensure that you get the kit before the session dates. Entire Kit Cost including Shipping/handling included in training cost.
  • Axelta expert will setup a 20 min online meeting with you to help you setup the hardware after you have received the kit. This will be done prior to hands on session start date.
  • We will be sending you the softcopy of the practical manuals and sample code etc. which will help you complete the Practical’s.
  • Manuals have been built in a very user friendly manner using lots of images and video etc. to help complete the practical easily and with clarity.
  • Axelta experts will be present during the entire practical sessions to guide and help you understand and complete the Practical's.
  • Axelta experts will showcase the practical’s through screen share and demo all aspects for clear understanding.

The Entire training will be done by Experts, who already has ample experience in delivering this training here in India as well as abroad.

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There are no specific prerequisites. Axelta has built the deck and tutorials/Practicals in a simple and easy way so that anyone can learn from them. During the training our experts will help you to understand all aspects.

IoT Protocols are applicable to all verticals and specializations where IoT solutions are implemented. That is the beauty and attraction of IoT. Some of the people who can make most from the program are,

IT professionals, Electronics engineers, solution architects, designers who are looking to expand their horizons by getting hands-on exposure to latest technologies.

All your company employees who will do this training will be automatically added to the Axelta Alumni google group (Axelta-iot-bootcamps) after completion of the course. It's a very active group and we at Axelta make sure that we answer all your queries/questions. Even other Alumni's who are experienced IT resources answer queries/questions. We will also share our direct contact information for any queries which we will definitely answer.

Yes. We will be mailing you the certificate on completion of the course.