Axelta’s Consulting USP

  • 4+ years of Axelta's strong experience in Consulting and IoT Solutions Implementations.
  • Strong IoT ecosystem connect with Corporate, Individuals and Partners.
  • Both founders are highly experienced with 23+ years of technical and management experience backing them.
  • Experience with industries in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Smart Homes and Security, warehousing, chemical process industry, Vehicle tracking
  • Consulted 20+ clients in last 4 years.

Case Studies

Italia Ceramics

Italia Group manufactures and supplies glass mosaic tiles to its customers. These tiles are manufactured using smaller tiles that are cast from glass produced at their manufacturing plant.

  • Issues Faced: Lack of visibility on the current stock available for each SKU ,Inability to locate a specific SKU at the time of order , This leads to manufacturing of SKUs even if they are already in stock leading to high and dead inventory , It also causes delay and unpredictability of ETOD – Expected Time of Delivery that the sales team can commit to the customer
  • Advantages of Automation and Solution : Real time access on inventory status to sales people available on mobile phone for better planning and order commitment
  • Ensuring that no new manufacturing is done if the tile is already in the stock. Helps reduce inventory cost and gets better ETOD
  • Better planning for raw material purchase
  • Less number of ad hoc / urgent orders. Helps in better planning for production with most optimal size
  • It is proposed to use Bar Codes for inventory management as it is more cost effective and relevant for the current business process.