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IoT based Environment Monitoring System

In this project the IoT device designed will continuously capture different environment values like temperature humidity, light using sensors and Arduino Uno R3 board, the data captured will be posted on to cloud using GSM as gateway. We can create an account on OSMOSIS Platform to see our data being posted continuously as long as power supply is given to the device. The frequency of data posting depends on gateway used and code written. Data posting is done by the firmware written i.e for Arduino Uno R3 and SIM800 GSM module.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Technologies used

  1. GSM
  2. IoT - Internet of Things

Project area

Environment parameters monitoring.

Hardware used

  1. Sensor board
  2. Arduino Uno
  3. LCD shield for display
  4. GSM chipset board
  5. Microcontroller

Software used

  1. Arduino IDE-for Arduino
  2. OSMOSIS platform
  3. AWS
  4. Libraries

Sample output report generated form posted data are given below