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IoT enabled Garbage Management System

Brief description - It is a very low cost and an innovative system that will help to keep the cities clean and contribute for smarter cities. It monitors the garbage bins and inform the level of garbage to a remote place via the cloud platform over the internet so that concerned teams can be automatically intimated with the status of filled bins to further clear the garbage.


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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Package includes:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • LCD shield
  • ESP8266 WI-FI chip
  • USB to D Type cable
  • Connectors
  • CD with complete documentation, software's required,libraries,video,Osmosis Platform account creation documents

Technologies used

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. IoT - Internet of Things

Hardware used

  1. Ultrasonic Sensor
  2. Arduino Uno
  3. Wi-Fi module
  4. Microcontroller

Software used

  1. Arduino IDE - for Arduino
  2. Osmosis Platform
  3. AWS

Project area

Smart Cities

System Block Diagram

Block Diagram
Sample output report generated form posted data are given below