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Home Automation based on MQTT using JAVA client

Home automation is the process of controlling home appliances automatically using various control system techniques. The electrical and electronic appliances in the home such as fan, lights,outdoor lights, fire alarm, kitchen timer, etc., can be controlled using various control techniques. There are various techniques to control home appliances such as IOT based home automation over the cloud,home automation under WiFi through android apps from any smartphone, Arduino based home automation, home automation by android application based remote control, home automation using digital control, RF based home automation system and touch screen based home automation. While there are many competing vendors, there are very few world-wide accepted industry standards and the smart home space is heavily fragmented. Popular communications protocol for products include X10,Ethernet, RS-485, 6LoWPAN, MQTT, Bluetooth LE (BLE), ZigBee and Z-Wave, or other proprietary protocols all of which are incompatible with each other. Manufacturers often prevent independent implementations by withholding documentation and by suing people.

Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Technologies Used

  1. MQTT - Message Queuing Telemetry Transport
  2. IoT - Internet of Things
  3. JAVA with Eclipse Paho
  4. Wifi

Hardware used

  1. Node MCU
  2. Sensor board
  3. led board

Software used

  1. Arduino IDE - for Arduino and NodeMCU programming
  2. MQTT Lens
  3. OSMOSIS MQTT Broker
  4. AWS
  5. Eclipse

Project area

Industrial IoT applications, Home automation, Cold storage monitoring and controlling, remote area monitoring and controlling.