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Become a Industrial IoT expert with practical learning through Axelta's Industrial IoT lab:

Industrial Internet of things is not a single technology but an amalgamation of different technologies like machine learning, big data, sensor data, M2M communication, and automation that have existed in the industrial backdrop for many years.Hence, any IIoT Solution would typically require an ecosystem of people providing expertise that spans from sensors to Industrial applications. This expertise might be required in technologies like sensors, communication protocols, M2M communication, PLC's, SCADA systems, HMI's, nodes, gateways, development boards, cloud analytics and IoT Platforms and much more.

Axelta with it's rich experience of training, consulting, project implementation and IoT product development have built an industrial IoT lab to let people achieve expertise on different technologies involved in IIoT through practical experience..

The Industrial IoT lab is one of its kind which provides a complete knowledge on Industrial Internet of Things, both at conceptual and practical level and is equipped with Industrial grade hardware to enhance the skill set. This lab provides the complete ecosystem for innovation, creation, testing, validation and incubation in the field of Industrial Internet of things.

IIoT Hardware Kit

IIoT Hardware Kit

Android Gateway, Analog/Digital PLC(DVP-06XA, DVP14SS2), AC motor, SMPS, Controller Board(Node), Sensors(Proximity, Vibration, Temperature, Colour) and other accessories.


Osmosis Dashboard, Node-Red(Local HMI)

Pyush Jain

Co Founder & Director

Serial entrepreneur, passionate about creating unique solutions for Indian market. 20 years experience in technology industry as business head, principal consultant and solutions architect in India and United States.

Education: BTech IIT Roorkee
Manish Agarwal

Co Founder & Director

Product development professional passionate about technology and its adoption to solve real world problems. 20+ years experience in industries like manufacturing, supply chain, insurance, human capital management and healthcare.

Education: BTech IIT Roorkee

1.What is IIoT Lab?

Axelta Industrial IoT lab is one of its kind which provides a complete knowledge on Industrial Internet of Things, both at conceptual and practical level. The lab is equipped with Industrial grade hardware to enhance the skillset. The lab provides the complete ecosystem for innovation in the field of Industrial Internet of things. The lab has a complete environment for product creation, testing, validation and incubation.

2.What are the features of IIoT lab?

Through this course you will get a complete understanding of the industrial IoT, the technologies(like PLC, Modbus, Communication protocols, etc) that are involved, how the traditional industrial equipment is converted to IIoT and also choosing the technologies as per our application.

  • Industrial level hardware like PLC, controller boards, WiFi chipsets, motors and Sensors.
  • Establishing Industrial level communication protocols like RS485, Modbus, RS232.
  • Access to an advance IoT platform (Osmosis) developed by Axelta Systems with a unique design for collecting data and to generate activation signals.
  • Software to program PLC and Controllers.
  • Designing a complete Human Machine Interface(HMI)
  • User-friendly manuals for studying and understanding of IIoT hardware and software concepts.
  • Manuals will have detailed exercises and instructions.
3.Which are the industries where IIoT can be implemented?
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • Food Production Industries
  • Packaging Industries
  • Transportation Industries
  • Utilities Industries
  • Healthcare Industries
  • Retail Industries
4.What use cases can be built after doing this lab setup?
  • Digital/Connected Factory: Machinery can transmit operational information to the partners like original equipment manufacturers and to field engineers. Enables operation managers and factory heads to remotely manage the factory units and take advantage of process automation and optimization. Data collected from the different sensors and units is posted to the osmosis platform in cloud and local HMI, to remotely monitor and control the entire process.
  • Predictive Maintenance: The use of IoT sensors in manufacturing equipment enables condition-based maintenance alerts. IoT Sensors can actively monitor machines and send an alert when the equipment deviates from its prescribed parameters. By this manufacturers can conserve energy, reduce costs, eliminate machine downtime and increase operational efficiency.
  • Production Flow Monitoring: IoT in manufacturing can enable the monitoring of production lines starting from the refining process down to the packaging of final products. Complete monitoring of the process in (near) real-time provides scope to recommend adjustments in operations for better management of operational cost.
5.Does this lab address real-time scenarios?

Yes, in this lab we can build real time scenarios like Remote Machine Monitoring, Asset tracking system, predictive maintenance and many more.

6.Do we get lab manuals for the equipments included in the kit?

Yes. Entire support in the form of installation manuals will be provided.