Industrial IoT

IoT – Internet of things applied to Industry or manufacturing becomes IIoT – Industrial internet of things. IIoT is an amalgamation of different technologies like machine learning, big data, sensor data, M2M communication, and automation that have existed in the industrial backdrop for many years.

Industrial Internet makes an Enterprise, or a factory connected by merging the information and operational department of the industry. Thus, improving visibility, boosting operational efficiency, increasing productivity and reducing the complexity of process in the industry. Industrial IoT is a transformative manufacturing strategy that helps to improve quality, safety, productivity in an industry.

Axelta’s rich experience with IIoT is as follows:

Case Studies

Smart Connected Factory

In manufacturing, or any other big industrial set-up there is a constant need for improving process efficiencies and product quality. Real time data gathering is very crucial for generating insights on the processes. By connecting factory equipment, devices or PLC to the cloud, real time data can be gathered and stored on Cloud IoT platform. Analysis of this can help in better predicting and resolving maintenance requirements, correlate quality issues to machine and environmental factors, reduce downtime, and improve quality. IIoT can further help by:

  • Improving visibility to cost, efficiency, and quality across factories
  • Monitoring production performance and predicting maintenance
  • Monitoring assets and predicting failure
  • Monitoring quality and applying best practices training

IoT Enabled Hazardous Gas Monitoring System

In industries where hazardous gases or vapor-producing liquids are used, transported or stored, a high possibility of accidental leakage exists in the surrounding area. Continuous monitoring of such hazards is therefore an essential part of any safety program. For Ex. In some manufacturing units during the process of manufacturing lot of gases are released which are very harmful.
Axelta has designed an automatic gas detection system wherein a gas detector present at the site detects harmful gases and the system raises an alarm.

  • Axelta’s solution detects 18 different hazardous gases.
  • The solution uses industrial grade gas detectors.
  • Notification is instantly sent once a leakage is detected.
  • Notifications can be in the form of Alarms
  • Remote Mobile and Web Based Monitoring and Alert System

Connected Mining

In coal mining industries, there are certain set-ups where coal is extracted, loaded and transported using vehicles called as tippers. The tippers are constantly moving between different zones like Coal yard, dump yard, parking and loading. Keeping track of these moving vehicles, reconciliation of trips and distance travelled is a big record keeping activity. And when it is done manually, lot of inaccuracies creep in.
Benefits of using Axelta's solutions are
With the availability of detailed operational data

  • Analysis of bottlenecks is possible
  • Logistics system can be further improved
  • Deeper Analytics will lead to better management
With automatic data collection using system
  • Data reliability and integrity is guaranteed.
  • Data manipulation by ground staff can be avoided
Interactive data helps in process analysis/improvement.
Since the solution is scalable and flexible it can be extended to multiple sites as well.

Smart Manufacturing - Chemical Process Plant

A leading adhesive manufacturer was looking for a comprehensive solution to leverage Industry 4.0 initiatives for Enterprise wide automation across all its plants. Implementing Smart Manufacturing with this plant, Osmosis helped the plant to connect its process and support machinery and achieve

  • Monitoring process parameters, helping better control quality
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Quickly identify failures and act on them
  • Improve operational efficiencies

Inventory Management - Italia Ceramics

Italia Group is a manufacturer and supplier of glass mosaic tiles. Lot of inventory of raw material needs to be maintained. Managing this inventory, keeping track of it becomes very tedious since all the processes are manual. This leads to certain issues like lack of visibility on the current stock available, inability to locate a specific material at the time of order. Sometimes it causes unpredictable delay and loss of customers as well. Axelta's Inventory Management Solution helps in the following way.

  • By giving real time access on inventory status to sales people available on mobile phone for better planning and order commitment
  • Ensuring that no new manufacturing is done if the tile is already in the stock. Helps reduce inventory cost
  • Better planning for raw material purchase
  • Less number of ad hoc / urgent orders. Helps in better planning for production with most optimal size
  • Significant % reduction in inventory over a period of time