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Internet controlled LED

Internet based device control is one of the part in home automation or web based remote controlling. We can control our home appliances or any system in automation industry using web based portal. In this project we are controlling LEDs from web based portal from local network. LEDs are connected to NodeMCU module which is running its own web server. We are uploading code in NodeMCU which is running HTTP server and necessary HTML code to browse through any PC/ Laptop or Mobile phone which is connected to same network over Wi-Fi.

System runs in close loop to control as well as to read current status of LEDs. One module gets connected to Wi-Fi network is prints its IP address on serial monitor. Then user can put this IP address on local machine web browser to get connected with HTTP server which is running in NodeMCU module. Then buttons in HTML code we can request server to change status of its GPIO pins. LEDs are connected to GPIO pins of NodeMCU which glows if pins write Digital high in its output logic. Same changes are then reflected back in web browser and user can observe complete flow in serial monitor.

System Block Diagram

Technologies used

  1. Wifi
  2. Webserver
  3. HTTP request
  4. HTML

Hardware Used

  1. LED board
  2. NodeMCU

Software Used

  1. Arduino IDE - for ArduinoE
  2. Web browser

Project area

Industrial IoT applications, Home automation, remote controlling