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4-Day IoT Security

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What is IoT Security:

  • IoT security is the area of endeavor concerned with safeguarding connected devices and networks in the Internet of things
  • The Internet of Things involves the increasing prevalence of objects and entities known, in this context as things provided with unique identifiers and the ability to automatically transfer data over a network. Much of the increase in IoT communication comes from computing devices and embedded sensor systems used in industrial machine-to-machine(M2M)
  • The main problem is the idea of networking appliances
  • IoT Security is key to gain and retain consumer trust on privacy and to fulfill the potential of the IoT promise.

Begin Your IoT Security journey With Axelta

IoT Security training program, wherein you learn how to secure the communication of smart devices with each other.

Who should attend

Professionals / Individuals interested or experienced in Information Security industry willing to expand their hacking / Infosec skills in IoT / Embedded products.


1. Should be familiar with Linux, Windows & VMWare
2. Should have understanding of programming concepts, but programming experience is not mandatory.


1. Certificate of IoT Security Certified Analyst (ISCA)
2. Lots of Reference Materials and Standards
3. PreCompiled VM used for IoT Security Assessments
4. Training Materials
5. Necessary Tools and Hardware Devices for Hands-On Practice



Duration: 3hrs
  • Introduction to IOT: Familiar with IoT Components,Overview of IoT Architecture (M2M),Familiarizing with M2M Components
  • Basics of Security: How is Security Important? Where actually Security is Required, How is Security applicable for IoT, All the Components You Buy, Are they Safe? All the Libraries you involve in SDLC are they Safe?
  • Threats associated in IOT: Common threats we see in IoT Space
  • Generic IOT Architecture: Connected Car/Automotive Architecture and components/Protocols involved,Connected Home Architecture and components/Protocols involved
  • Mapping of IOT Attacks: Threat Model for Connected Car and Connected Home,Deep Dive of Attacks associated to each component involved

1. Searching IoT Components exposed to Internet
2. Analyzing SSL Implementation in Gateways / Hubs
3. Searching Common / existing Threats for various products/services

Duration: 3hrs
  • Existing Vulnerabilities in IoT Space: Network Level Vulnerabilities (L3/L4) Web/Mobile Application Level Vulnerabilities, OS Level Vulnerabilities, Firmware Level Vulnerabilities, Communication Level Vulnerabilities,
    Domain: HealthCare, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Transportation, etc.
  • In Detail Approach of Validating Threats (Theory): How to Build a Typical Test Bed SetUp, How to conduct Security Assessment for IoT Components
  • Enable an Wireless Embedded board to perform Wireless Attacks
  • Perform Mr. ROBOT way attacks using USB
  • Extract data from EEPROM Chip
  • Perform Mobile Application Reverse Engineering and analyse security issues
Duration: 3hrs
  • Possible Security Evaluations to be done for various Areas:
    a. Hardware
    b. Platform
    c. Communications (TCPIP / WiFi/ RF)
    d. Softwares, OnBoard Vulnerabilities & Challenges
  • Approach for Validating Threats
  • Tools of the Trade with Sample Output Hardware
    a. Serial Interface
    b. JTAG
    c. USB Platform: (ARM/MIPS)
    d. Firmware
    e. Libraries Communication
    f. Protocols Softwares
    g. Mobile App Reverse Engg
    h. Web App,
    i. Cloud App
  • Hands-On Vulnerability Assessment tool
  • BLE Security Assessment Setup and Usage
  • Exploiting EmbedTLS - An CaseStudy for SSL layer security in IoT System
Duration: 3hrs
    Embedded Firmware,*Conduct Live Assessment
  • Static Analysis of Firmware
  • Identify internals and Extract the valid ones
  • Firmware Emulation with Qemu
  • Perform Dynamic Assessment
    Embedded OS Level Vulnerabilities
  • Identify ways to access Shell
  • Perform OS Security Assessments / Platform Assessments
    Experiments on MIPS Attacks
  • Stack Based Attack
  • Embedded Firmware *Conduct Live Assessment Heap Based Attack
  • Network I/O Based Attack
  • Yes, this is an online BootCamp. We have trained many associates online across the globe. As per our experience below methodology gave us 100% success rate.
  • Delivery Model : GoTo Meeting / WebEx / Google Hangout / VoIP
  • Interactive : Our Sessions are very interactive with participants clarifying doubts by typing Questions or on Call.
  • Training Material : It will be provided as printed edition and send through courier.
  • Platform : We would provide VM for download, which contains precompiled tools and libraries to perform security assessments.
  • Support : One of our security expert would connect with you before the session to ensure you have all the platforms ready and accessible.

You have to inform us & we would accommodate you into our next batch / We can provide you recorded session on our LMS platfrom with credentials

Entire training including Hands-On Session are done by Certified Security Experts.Both of us is having 11+ years of experience in performing Security Assessments (Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Threat Modeling) for IT & OT Products. Our Trainers have done Security Assessments for various domains of IT & OT (Like HealthCare, Automotive, Transport, Industry Automation's, etc.).

You can Enroll directly from our websites link in the training details table.

There are multiple secured options depending on where you are located.
a. Direct Account Transfer (For India Trainees) ICICI Bank Axelta Systems Pvt Ltd A/c no - 000805014884 Khairatabad Branch, Hyderabad [IFSC Code - ICIC0000008]
b. Paypal (For outside India Trainees) Directly from our website link next to the training details.
c. Using Visa, MasterCard, net Banking (For India Trainees) Directly from our website using EnRoll button next to the training calendar (we use ultra secure Insta Mojo payment gateway for 100% security of your card/Bank details)

Yes. We will be mailing you the certificate on completion of the course " IoT Security Certified Analyst (ISCA)", signed by both of us and authorized by Axelta. This certificate will be useful to get a position in any company looking to get into IoT Security.We are available as reference check for you for any IoT related opening worldwide.

a. Should be familiar with Linux, Windows & VMWare
b. Knowledge on IoT Architecture (Not Mandatory, Anyways we would cover this in initial time)
c. Should have understanding of programming concepts, but programming experience is not mandatory.

Internet of Things is applicable to all verticals and specializations and so, its also important to validate the Security part of it. Some of the people who can make most from the program are:
a. IT professionals, Electronics engineers, solution architects, designers who are looking to expand their horizons by getting hands-on exposure to latest IoT Security technologies.
b. Existing or Budding entrepreneurs who want to understand the spectrum of IoT Threats in reality.
c. Industry professionals working in Development, Testing, Security Analyst, Business Management, HealthCare, Avionics, Automotive etc.
d. Professionals / Individuals experienced in Information Security industry willing to expand their knowledge in hacking / Infosec on IoT / Embedded Products.

a. Understand Requirements of Security in IoT
b. Practical Exposure with Hands-On skills ( Experienced Approach)
c. Understand Secure Design Practices in multiple sectors of IoT
d. Enhanced Firmware Security Validation and Checklist
e. Introduction to IoT Standards for Vulnerability Assessment
f. Understanding various Real-Time Threat Models and Use-Cases

You will be automatically added to the Axelta Alumni Google Group (Axelta-iot-bootcamps) after completion of the course. It's a very active group and we at Axelta make sure that we answer all your queries/questions. Alumni's who are experienced IT resources also answer queries/questions . We will also share our trainers contact information for any queries and questions.

a. Certificate – IoT Security Certified Analyst (ISCA)
b. Necessary Tools and Hardware Devices for Hands-On Practice
c. PreCompiled VM – used for IoT Security Assessments
d. Training Materials
e. Lots of Reference Materials and links for details

IT professionals, Electronics engineers,designers who are looking to expand their horizons by getting hands-on exposure to latest IoT Security technologies. Professionals / Individuals experienced in Information Security industry willing to expand their knowledge in hacking / Infosec on IoT / Embedded Products.

This course will help you in understanding different ways of tapping data from the existing infrastructure and how it can be avoided. In industrial automation data security is most important factor and this course will help you in that perspective.