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    Key Features

  • Axelta pioneers in India with 5 yrs. experience in IoT
  • All Round Expertise - Sensors, Hardware, Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and More
  • Powerful IoT Gateways & Hardware
  • Full Stack IoT Platform
  • Deep Integration with Key Industry Players
  • Strong Video and Image Analytics IP & Solutions

Billboard Management System

Tracking and Monitoring Billboard Displays, Location, Occupancy and Status in the real time. It should Weather and theft proof, battery powered device with 100% reliability. Solution should be mobile enabled with direct access to advertisers. It should have the ability to capture traffic data to generate Billboard Rating Points for more accurate and better pricing.

  • Getting real time accurate information from the remote sites like construction, events, etc is often difficult.
  • Most of these sites don’t have access to WiFi making it tough to use IP Cameras there.
  • Keeping regular record of the events and remote sites that assure stakeholders is tough and dependent of pictures taken offline and shared using WhatsApp and other applications.
  • Getting sensor based information about the remote sites to monitor and control them is also required.
  • Reliable and continuous power source also cannot be ensured for remote sites.

Operations Management System

A large security services provider required an integrated view for all it's operations. They wanted to automate SLA management, incidence management, attendance and officers auditing system. Axelta's solution provided:

  • Client Locations/posts is identified using unique QR code using Android application.
  • Automatic Detection of Client Location is done via QR Code and geo location.
  • Attendance of all guards can be managed using Selfie or QR code with GPS.
  • Tracking the movement of Ops staff & guard from his location/site.
  • Validation of checklist/Inspection & incident capturing is done through mobile.
  • Ops staff client visit Scheduling can be done using mobile.
  • Client specific SLA / KPI monitoring and reporting.