POC Development

    Axelta’s USP

  • We do end to end POC development - from sensors, hardware to providing cloud services.
  • 4+ years of Axelta's strong experience in IoT solutions implementations and POC building.
  • Availability of Axelta’s reusable components like Gateway and IoT Platform
  • Quick turnaround in POC development due to strong in-house technical capabilities and experience
  • Strong ecosystem connects with corporate, individuals and partners
  • Experience with industries in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Smart Homes and Security.
  • Few of our POC for different industries are
    1. KPI like OEE, MTTR, MTBR for Textile Company
    2. Connected Paint Dispensing
    3. Construction Assets Monitoring – Middle East
    4. Digital Retail – Foot Fall and Smart Sleep Products

Case Studies

Smart Patrolling System

Solution for Scheduling, Managing and Monitoring of Police Patrolling Across City.

  • SMS and Mobile Based Notifications to Staff for patrolling.
  • Route information and schedule for patrolling.
  • Reminders sent to make sure that timing is adhered.
  • Ability to intimate start of patrolling through mobile application.
  • All historical information maintained in the system
  • Detailed reports and analytics are generated.
  • The system is highly upgradeable and more features can be added with new requirements after deployment.

Smart Parking System

Tracking and Monitoring Billboard Displays, Location, Occupancy and Status in the real time. It should Weather and theft proof, battery powered device with 100% reliability. Solution should be mobile enabled with direct access to advertisers. It should have the ability to capture traffic data to generate Billboard Rating Points for more accurate and better pricing.

  • Accurate detection using dual technology of magnetic and optic.
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Low cost & small size
  • Wide communication range with long battery life
  • Connects with Axelta IoT platform using WiFi or Cellular Technology

Smart Lighting

Retrofit solution for existing LED / Solar LED lights.Includes fully functional cloud control and monitoring of lights.Supports Long distance Mesh based wireless network

  • Detailed Analytics about the network health and operational metrics
  • End to end support from Axelta

  • Extendible for leveraging same network for other automation / monitoring and control activities
  • Machine Learning capabilities for deeper analysis and optimization

Railways Level Crossing

There are a number of level crossings that are managed manually. The station master is supposed to call downstream level crossings to inform about incoming trains. The operator at the crossing closes the gates and informs the station master. Only after the confirmation is received from all downstream crossings the station master is going to permit the train to cross that station. This is very error prone.

  • Enables railways to replace the cumbersome and error prone manual signaling with a completely automated process
  • Also, significantly reduces the costs of the entire automation
  • A complete log of the operation ensures that any issues are be tracked and reasons identified

ATM Security

Cost of having security guards at ATMs is quite high. Therefore a number of urban ATMs don’t have security guard. Getting an intelligent security mechanism at the ATM is need of the hour. The basic requirements for such a system are:

  • Ability to capture video only when someone enters the ATM room or an event is detected
  • Real time notifications to concerned persons in case there is an unexpected activity happening there
  • Video analytics and machine learning to be able to effectively monitor the activities

Haj Pilgrim Tracking

Cost of having security guards at ATMs is quite high. Therefore a number of urban ATMs don’t have security guard. Getting an intelligent security mechanism at the ATM is need of the hour. The basic requirements for such a system are:

  • Viewing and creating pilgrim list,device,tour list
  • Real time dashboard with geo location of the pilgrims in the tour
  • View and search from pilgrim list as well as individual pilgrim details
  • Receive specific triggers and notifications – like battery levels, geo fence related triggers, etc.

Lora Switches

It is a huge manufacturing industry. It is a consumer centric company committed to quality and innovation. For decades, they have been pioneering products for small to large applications, at home and industry, which have forged strong bonds with people from all walks of life. From adhesives, sealants, waterproofing solutions and construction chemicals to arts & crafts, industrial resins, polymers and more, their product portfolio is as diverse as it is ever-evolving.

  • They have huge manufacturing units all over the country many of them in the remote locations.
  • They have some manufacturing industries in which hundreds of motors are installed.
  • It was very difficult to switch on and off these motors manually so they wanted a solution from Axelta through which this complete process becomes wireless as well as automatic.
  • Axelta has used LoRa based switches which makes the process automatic as well as wireless.