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Deep Dive ThingWorx Training

End to End IoT Technology and ThingWorx Training

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What is ThingWorx:

  • PTC ThingWorx is an application development platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • A platform for the rapid development of applications designed for smart, connected sensors, devices, and products - or the Internet of Things.
  • ThingWorx is one of the largest IoT platforms.
  • It has large number of devices connected to it.

Begin Your IoT journey With Axelta

All in one IoT ThingWorx training program, wherein you learn how the devices have become smart to communicate with you and with each other. Thingworx is the platform for the same developed by PTC.


  • Installation process and Introduction to ThingWorx composer
  • ThingWorx Import and Export Utilities
  • Adding Extensions to Enhance ThingWorx Functionality
  • Model Tags
  • Introduction to Vending Machine Use Case

Overview of ThingWorx composer - ThingWorx Composer, Spotlight Search, Explorer, change tracking and other components

Extensions : Importing extensions, ThingWorx market place, Using ThingWorx Community site, managing extensions, importing widget extension

  • Services: what are services, types of services, how to create custom services.
  • Creating a Mashup, mashup builder, widget panel, entities, layout, services, widgets, parameters and properties, connection panel, Vending machine example
  • Property Bindings and property values
  • Creating a User Login
  • Adding a User to a Group
  • Importing Entities, Mashup and data
  • Viewing Imported Content
  • Importing a Widget Extension
  • Adding a Model Tag Term to an Existing Vocabulary
  • Creating a Model Tag Vocabulary with Terms
  • Creating a Thing Shape
  • Creating a Thing Template
  • Creating a Thing
  • Duplicating a Thing
  • Creating a Responsive Mashup to View and Edit Thing Properties
  • Editing the VendingMachineShape, ThingShape
  • Implementing the New Properties in the Mashup
  • Creating a Blog
  • Creating a Wiki
  • Creating a Mashup with a Blog and a Wiki
  • Services
  • Consuming External Information Sources
  • Data Shapes
  • Infotable Overview
  • Creating SQL Queries and SQL Commands
  • Property Bindings and Property Values
  • Creating a service : Defining input and output parameters, using snippets, using information from entities, testing a service, Consuming External Information Sources
  • Creating a service to consume an XML web page : Create the “GetThingWorxFeed” service
  • DataShapes: Uses, Creation, Characteristics, Creating DataShape for ThingWorx feed.
  • Creating a Mashup to Display the ThingWorxFeed
  • Infotable - Creating services, adding row, Completing the “GetThingWorxFeed” service, Creating a Mashup to Display the “GetThingWorxFeed” service
  • SQL queries, Commands, Parameters, Extensions, Importing Mail and SQL extensions, Creating a Database Thing, verifying database connection, creating database thing, creating mashup, Creating a Mashup to View Data from the “GetAllRecords” Service, Adding commands to SQL Mashup
  • Connecting RaspberryPi to Thingworx Composer and extracting the values of raspberry pi temp, frequency and voltage and reflected them on the thingworx composer.
  • ThingWorx Data Tables - Creating, Creating a Data Shape and Table for the Inventory Info Table, Creating a Data Table Administration Mashup
  • Creating a Mashup Vending Machine Template
  • Posting the data generated by sensors to thingworx platform using HTTP. Also publish and subscribe the sensor data and led and push the data to the platform using MQTT.
  • Vending Machines : We are using three vending machines and placing them in different regions.We have also connected the temperature and humidity sensor to those vending machines for monitoring and controlling their temperature and humidity every thirty seconds. We have also created a mashup for visualizing , monitoring, and controlling the vending machines by setting the min and max temperature and humidity level.
  • Home Automation : Posting the data generated by sensors to thingworx platform using HTTP. Also publish and subscribe the sensor data and led and push the data to the platform using MQTT.
  • Extracting the Raspberry PI device values : Connecting RaspberryPi to Thingworx Composer and extracting the values of raspberry pi temperature, frequency and voltage and reflected them on the Thingworx composer.
  • Accessing the Google news and displaying it onto the Thingworx Platform

  • ThingWorx is the only enterprise-ready technology platform that enables innovators to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions for the Internet of Things.
  • ThingWorx Connectivity and development tools are made for IoT, which enable the developers to quickly create, test and deploy solutions faster than ever thought possible.
  • Integrated capabilities of the platform enable developers to create more feature-rich solutions in a fraction of the time of other platforms.
  • Developers quickly and easily create IoT solutions that are scalable, secure, and meet the needs of the largest of enterprises.

For Students: The program advances a student's education and helps prepare them for the skills demanded by leading employers. In addition, it supplements DIY projects that run off of popular microprocessors like Arduino, Raspberry Pi.

For Universities: It is important for universities to provide an education that is relevant to industry to ensure gainful employment of graduates. Universities may also find ways to use ThingWorx to improve their own operations.

For industry professionals: Hands on feel on Thingworx composer. To develop their own IoT applications.

Entire training including Hands on Sessions are done by Industry experts with rich experience in their respective field. The trainers are certified by PTC itself.

Yes,you will get a course completion certificate from Axelta

There are no specific prerequisites. Knowledge on any programming language would be certainly beneficial.Axelta has built the deck and tutorials/practicals in a simple and easy way so that anyone can learn from it. During the training our experts will help you understand all aspects.

Axelta Systems will connect you to its recruiting partner. They will provide you the placement assistance.

Role: Solution Architect
Experience: 8 to 15 years
Snippet of Job Description: Experience on cloud computing platforms such as PTC Thingworx, AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure etc.
Role: ThingWorx R&D Software Engineer
Experience: 4 to 5 years
Snippet of Job Description: IoT Technical Support Engineers possess a high level of competency on the IoT Platform ThingWorx and Edge device connectivity technologies....
Role: Customer Success Manager for IoT
Experience: 4 to 5 years
Snippet of Job Description: Assist customer with identifying and defining use cases for ThingWorx. Work with customer teams to build and enhance their ThingWorx skillsets....
Role: IoT SW Developer (Java&C#)
Experience: 1 to 3 years
Snippet of Job Description: Experience with ThingWorx and also Java and c# ...
Role: Practice Head IoT
Experience: 15 to 20 years
Snippet of Job Description: Experience Advise clients on what technologies they should invest in and how to use IoT for competitive advantage. Evaluate various competing technologies and pick out the one that's most suited for a given project or client or business domain. Experience on any IoT Platforms like ThingWorx is good....

Training Approach and Methodology

  • Entire training program designed by expert faculty with real world expertise
  • Complete Hands-on with ThingWorx 7.3.0 Composer
  • Certificate will be given after the course completion

Who should attend?

  • Freshers
  • College students