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What is ThingWorx:

  • PTC ThingWorx is an application development platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • A platform for the rapid development of applications designed for smart, connected sensors, devices, and products - or the Internet of Things.
  • ThingWorx is one of the largest IoT platforms.
  • It has large number of devices connected to it.

Begin Your IoT journey With Axelta

All in one Advanced IoT thingWorx training program for working professionals, business owners, and job- seekers, wherein you learn how the devices have become smart to communicate with you and with each other. Thingworx is the platform for the same developed by PTC and we Axelta are official training partners for Thingworx by PTC. Also we Provide end to end solutions for your connected device needs. Soon we are launching this Training for very first time.


  • Introduction, Why IoT. What is IoT, Market Opportunity, size?
  • Domains and examples. Wearable devices, home automation, simple case study based on IoT etc.
  • Some videos by PTC.
  • What is a connected application?
  • Traditional Application Programming Challenges
  • Conventional Application Development Process
  • ThingWorx - Purpose Built for IoT Development
  • ThingWorx Platform Capabilities
  • ThingWorx- Basics
  • Downloading Lab and Demo files, required for installation of ThingWorx.
  • Overview of Thingworx composer installation
  • Installing Java
  • Installing the Java Application Server
    • Configuring Tomcat
    • Selecting the ThingWorx Database
    • Deploying ThingWorx
  • Demo (How to Video) - Installing the
  • ThingWorxComposer
  • ThingWorx Composer
  • Spotlight Search
  • ThingWorx Explorer
  • Documentation and Change Tracking
  • Q & A Session for Day-1
  • Creating ThingWorx-Compatible Names
  • Creating a User Login
  • Demo - Creating a User Login
  • Configuring Users
  • Adding Users to Groups
  • Demo - Adding a User to a Group
  • Multi-User Experience in Composer
  • Import/Export
  • Export to Thingworx Storage
  • Import from Thingworx Storage
  • Export to File
  • Import from File
  • Export Source Control Entities
  • Import/Export Best Practices
  • Demo - Importing Entities, Mashup and data
  • Viewing Imported Content
  • Creating Model tags
  • Model tags overview
  • Adding Model tag Term to an existing to an existing vocabulary
  • Creating a model tag Vocabulary with Terms
  • Extensions Overview
  • Acquiring Extensions
  • Acquiring Extensions from the Thingworx Community Site
  • Acquiring Extensions from the Thingworx Marketplace
  • Importing an Extension
  • Managing Extensions
  • Demo - Importing a Widget Extension
  • Characteristics of Things
  • Thing Shapes Overview
  • Creating a Thing Shape
  • Structure of a Thing Shape
  • Creating a Property
  • Structure of a Property
  • Demo - Creating a Thing Shape
  • Creating a Thing Template
  • Extending a Thing Template
  • Inherited Information in a Thing Template
  • ThingWorx Mashups
  • Creating a Mashup
  • The Mashup Builder
  • Widget Panel
  • Entities Panel
  • The Mashup Layout
  • Adding Services to the Mashup
  • Executing Services
  • Using Data from Services
  • Using Data from Widgets
  • Mashup Parameters
  • Advanced Service Properties
  • Connections Panel
  • The Layout Panel
  • Saving and Testing the Mashup
  • Demo - Creating a Responsive Mashup to View and Edit Thing Properties
  • Demo -Editing the VendingMachineShapeThingShape
  • Demo - Implementing the New Properties in the Mashup
  • Bindings
  • Bindings Example
  • Binding Techniques
  • Binding Remote Things
  • Property Bindings
  • Property Values
  • Demo - Setting the Remote Vending Machine Simulator for Remote Things
  • Demo - Setting Up a Modeled Remote Thing
  • SQL Queries and SQL Commands
  • Database Thing Template Extensions
  • Importing Mail and SQL Extensions
  • Creating a Database Thing
  • Verifying the Database Connection.
  • Creating SQL Queries
  • Creating a Mashup to View Data from the
  • GetAllRecords Service
  • Demo (How to Video) - Creating SQL Commands
  • Demo (How to Video) - Adding Commands to the SQL Mashup
  • About ThingWorx Data Tables
  • Creating a Data Table
  • Demo (How to Video) - Creating a Data Shape and Table for the Inventory Info Table
  • Demo (How to Video) - Creating a Data Table Administration Mashup
  • Setting Up a Built-In Event
  • Creating a Custom Event
  • Subscriptions
  • Creating the VendingMachineIssueStream
  • Creating a Data Shape for a Custom Vending Machine Event
  • Configuring a Custom Event and Subscription
  • Configuring a Subscription to Built-In Events
  • Dashboard DefinitionGadgets
  • Groups of Dashboard Components
  • Gadget Library Mashups
  • Configuring Dashboards
  • Creating Dashboards Overview
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Creating the Gadget Library for Dashboards
  • Configuring the Initial Dashboard
  • Creating Gadgets
  • Gadget Sizing
  • Configuring Gadgets
  • ThingWorx Foundation Quick start.
  • Raspberry PI Quick start Tutorial

Software platform that enables companies to develop Internet of Things (IoT) applications much faster than traditional software methods. For instance, when John Deere puts sensors on tractors, developers can use ThingWorx to create an application to tell the farmer when and where to plow, when to fertilize and when to water. Manufacturing companies can also use ThingWorx to manage the data from sensors and devices to optimize their factory operations.

For Students: The program advances a student's education and helps prepare them for the skills demanded by leading employers. In addition, it supplements DIY projects that run off of popular microprocessors like Arduino, Raspberry Pi.

For Universities: It is important for universities to provide an education that is relevant to industry to ensure gainful employment of graduates. Universities may also find ways to use ThingWorx to improve their own operations.

For industry professionals: Hands on feel on Thingworx composer. To develop their own IoT applications.

Entire training including Hands on Sessions are done by Industry experts with rich experience in their respective field. The trainers are certified by PTC itself.

Yes. You will get the certificate from PTC through Axelta.

There is an ever-growing list of material that covers the basics as well as ways to expand your knowledge. The basics include FAQ's, demonstrations and guided tours. Guided tours are real IoT applications built with ThingWorx. They are designed for students who are not developers but want to understand IoT and how IoT application platforms like ThingWorx create value.

There are no specific prerequisites. Knowledge on any programming language would be certainly beneficial.Axelta has built the deck and tutorials/Practical in a simple and easy way so that anyone can learn from it. During the training our experts will help you understand all aspects.

This will open up a big employment opportunity in the IOT industry (All Indian IT companies have opened IOT competencies + 50+ start-ups in IOT). We are training corporate like Intel, Mindtree on IOT and it's clear to us that they will prefer to hire an IOT trained professional.

Training Approach and Methodology

  • Entire training program designed by expert faculty with real world expertise
  • Complete Hands-on with ThingWorx 6.5
  • Certificate will be given after the course completion
  • 24x7 Online/email based help provided
  • Online Forum to get your doubts solved by expert faculty

Who should attend?

  • Working Professional
  • business owners
  • job- seekers
  • College students