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Interacitve Visual Programming
on Raspberry Pi
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Interacitve Python Programming
on Raspberry Pi
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Web Development Program
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Smart Street Light
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Automated Plant Watering System
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Automated Water Tank
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Interactive Visual Programming on Raspberry Pi

  • Comparison Human body and Computer System
  • Working with Electronic Components
  • Embedded System and Programming Raspberry Pi
  • Visual programming tool - SCRATCH

Hand-On Experience of building electronic circuits using LEDs,Resistors,Buzzer,Motor and Raspberry Pi

Interactive Python Programming on Raspberry Pi

  • Introducing Python Programming and it's applications
  • Working with Python variables,strings and operators
  • Using control statements(if,if-else,elif,for,while etc.) in Python
  • Python Programming using Sensors(PIR,DHT,Ultrasonic etc.)

Hand-On Experience of building electronic circuits using LEDs,Resistors,Buzzer,Motor,PIR sensor,temperature and humidity sensor,Ultrasonic sensor and stepper motor on Raspberry Pi

Web Development Program - HTML

  • Introducing HTML and it's Applications
  • Designing web pages using various tags(head,body,style,div,iframe,dd,video,audio etc.)
  • Stylize your web page using CSS
  • Designing your own website

Smart Street Light

This project creates a Smart Lighting System. This system would automatically switch on and switch off depending on the ambient light. Also this system would detect the presence of vehicles in the vicinity and depending on few parameters would automatically switch on and off the street light.

Automated Plant Watering System

Sensors can detect the presence of moisture in the soil. And hence a plant can be watered automatically when the moisture in the soil is below the desired level. This system would automatically water plants when the moisture in the soil goes down below desired level

Automated Water Tank

This system aims to detect the level of water in a tank. If the level of water is below the desired level then by use of motor the tank can be filled.

Hands-on for projects:

During this program kits will be provided only during practical. If students are interested in purchasing the hardware/electronic kits separate charge of Rs.5000/- will be incurred

For detailed information regarding the various offerings download the brochure


It is a Physical classroom training session

  1. All sessions will be very interactive with participants.
  2. Our expert team will be there to guide them all the way through to do the practicals.
  3. Entire Hardware and software for this training will be provided by Axelta.
  4. For future perspective you can buy the project kit from Axelta.

Our trainer will be there to help the children while doing practicals. They can connect to us through mails, chats etc. after the session as well.

There are multiple secured options depending on where you are located

  1. Using Visa, MasterCard, net banking
    Directly from our website link next to the training details (we use ultra secure Insta Mojo payment gateway for 100% security of your card details) All Rights Reserved-Axelta 2014
  2. Direct Account Transfer (For India Trainees)
    ICICI Bank Axelta Systems Pvt Ltd A/c no - 000805014884 Khairatabad Branch, Hyderabad [IFSC Code - ICIC0000008]

If any quires,please contact us on


There is no specific prerequisites. Axelta has built the training content and Practicals in a simple and easy way so that anyone can learn from them.
The child should be able to handle a computer system and basic Internet.

It's completely safe. All the electronics used in this training operate at very less voltage(<5V).

The Entire training will be done by Experts, who already have ample experience in delivering trainings on Electronics and Computers for children.

For more information contact:

  1. Build their own gadgets,games,web applications and much more
  2. They will get access to real world projects(smart traffic light,weather station,automatic plant watering system and many more)
  3. They become creative and imaginative
  4. Exposure to different technologies like IoT,Visual Programming,Python,Web development and Android

All the participants who will do this training will be automatically added to the Axelta Tiger Kids google group after completion of the course. It's a very active group and we at Axelta make sure that we answer all your queries/questions.

Yes. We will be mailing the certificate on completion of the course, signed by the founders and authorized by Axelta.

  • Learn Programming with Visual Tools
  • Basic Electronics explained
  • Hardware interfacing on Raspberry Pi
  • Based on Experiential Learning
  • Complete Hands-on experience with Hardware Kit provided by Axelta for session
  • Get a certificate for future perspective