Power Constraints, Challenges and Strategies For IoT Devices

One of the tough challenges that most of the Internet of Things solutions face is how to get extra bit of battery life for the innovative IoT solutions to start making practical sense to customers.

Wearable devices, security solutions and many remote location monitoring have this constraint that needs to be tackled effectively.

We at Axelta have been dealing with these challenges and have built a good understanding of the issues and possible approaches to get multi-year battery life. Some of the insights related to these challenges and possible solutions, we had shared in a recent webinar.

We get into more specifics related to building practical solutions that will work in production in our unique bootcamps that we conduct regularly. You can check it out on our Online Bootcamps page.

Career Opportunities in IoT

Internet of Things has opened up an amazing number of new use cases and innovation opportunities for businesses across domains and verticals.

We have been surveying this space and recently did a webinar on the subject where we shared our insights on professionals from different background can prepare and benefit by being early adopter in this space.

Interestingly, IoT has no new technology but its the combination of many that makes the magic happen. So, professionals and subject matter experts in their respective areas just need to understand the end to end piece to steer their career in the direction of IoT to make most of the opportunity.

Axelta is largest IoT trainer in the world and has built a unique program that we deliver online. We have trained more than 500 professionals world wide with 100 each at Intel and MindTree. You can get more information about this training here. Or you can check out our 5 mins Video that gives a very quick view of the training.