Axelta’s Customer Contact Management System (SAAS based Solution)

Do you have ‘YES’ answer to Any of these questions ?

  • Do you have problems holding on to existing customers?
  • Do you have visibility whether your staff is meeting customers ?
  • Do you know with surety and proof if client SLA requirements are met or not ?
  • Do you have proof of presence of your staff visiting client and taking feedback?
  • Do you have issues tracking your employees movement with evidence?
  • Do you have challenges tracking open issues with clients to closure?

Do you have ‘NO’ answer to Any of these questions ?

  • Are you able to give specific performance reports to your clients?
  • Can you track employee performance related to service visits ?
  • Are you getting overall good feedback from your clients?
  • Do you have historical performance data of your services ?

    Features of Axelta's Customer Contact Management(SAAS)based Solution are :

  • Enabling Business Operations Using Smart Phone and Web Based UI.
  • Web or app based client visits scheduling and client specific SLA and Checklists .
  • Proof of Officer’s Presence at client site every time a visit happens.
  • Complete visibility of data via real time dashboards, reports, notifications.
  • Client also can be given access to reports, notifications, deviations, visits etc.
  • Establishing validity for Incidents/Event by Capturing images using Smartphone Camera and recording the images for future reference

Case Studies



A very large security services company was having issues retaining clients. It has 10,000+ clients having more than 1 lakh security guards overall Many clients are complaining about. No follow ups by company on its services once order is given. Several issues related like Guards not properly dressed,not coming on time, company's officers hardly visit This Solution helps.

  • online schedules of officers to visit clients regularly.
  • App based checklists with images/comments for proofs.
  • Complete visibility of operations officers .
  • real time reports and SLA adherence to senior management.
  • Escalations tracked and closed.